Set to take place from March 15th until the 21st, the Poker King Cup Macau 2019 has been postponed. The social media pages and website of the Poker King Cup made the announcement with no reasoning provided. The event was supposed to take place at the Venetian Macau and offer an additional 14 side events.

In the announcement, the Poker King Club stated that the postponement was due to unforeseen circumstances. They have not given a rescheduled date or reason as to why the event was cancelled. However, they did stay that hotel and flight costs will be refunded to players as long as the cost are proven to be non-refundable.

Players have until March 8th to provide information on confirmed bookings to be reimbursed. Fans were upset and confused about the cancellation, with many ready to travel to the region to take part. So, what caused the issue?

It has been suggested that the issue may be due to China and the regulation enforcement issues. Neighbor to Macau, it has been suggested that China increase their enforcement of gambling regulations. The country wants to ensure that the gambling region of Macau is not dependent on tourism of China.

However, this is just a guess and not proof as to why the event was cancelled. It could be that the tournament did not meet the player numbers to turn a profit or they needed to cancel in order to avoid losing money.

One would assume that more details will emerge in the coming days and even weeks ahead. It will certainly be interesting to see why the anticipated event will not be taking place. The Poker King Cup Macau is a relatively new event, having first taken place in 2017. The organizers stated that they hope to move forward from this cancelation and provide the best poker service in the future.

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