Over the weekend, casinos were allowed to reopen in the United Kingdom. Players were ready to get back to playing their favorite games, including three card poker. However, for poker players, the reopening process comes with new regulations involving the card games. Players must adhere to these new rules in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus.

New Rule Changes

Based on new regulations, players are not allowed to touch their poker cards. So, how are the games taking place? Well, just as the game of blackjack, dealers are now handing out the cards face up. In games like three card poker, where the cards would be face down, they are not now. Other players can see each other’s hand. This allows players to work out how strong the dealer’s hand will be based on the cards that other players have.

Even though the cards can be seen, operators say the advantage is not significant enough to cause a major loss for gamblers. Players are allowed to handle their own chips. How this is different from cards is anyone’s guess.

Because players can see each other cards along with the dealer, this may be a turnoff for some. It is an odd precaution that casinos in the UK are taking that doesn’t fall in line with their counterparts in the US due to the coronavirus.

In the US, casinos in certain areas are just avoiding offering certain games that could lead to the spread of the virus. Poker was left off the table at some casinos while others just limited the tables to smaller number of players and did not let players move around.

It will be interesting to see if the UK approach to games like three card poker is accepted by players or if it is one that is avoided.

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