David Oancea is a professional sports bettor known as Vegas Dave who was recently banned from all sportsbooks in Las Vegas for a three year time frame. Back in April, David was indicted and faced several felony charges after it was claimed by prosecutors that he was using social security numbers of other individuals to open player accounts at casinos to gamble from February 2015 until February 2016.

The fake accounts were reportedly used to process bets that came to a total of $1.2 million in transactions. Vegas Dave supposedly completed his betting in this manner to hide the earnings from the government.

This past January, David took a plea deal where the took a guilty plea for misdemeanor charges in a federal court of Nevada. The better admitted that he violated record keeping as well as record procedures. The maximum sentence of such charges is five years of probation.

This week, a federal judge decided to sentence the gambler to three years of probation. He must undergo problem gambling treatment as well as complete 150 hours of community service. He is also banned from entering any sportsbooks in Las Vegas for a three year time frame. David has also agreed to a $550,000 civil asset forfeiture.

Commenting on the charges, David stated that he was taking the biggest gamble of his life, betting on himself, standing up for his ‘constitutional rights and to defend’ his freedom and innocence.

It is interesting to note that online sports betting is quickly spreading across the United States. Nevada is currently rewording legislation that involves mobile sports betting. Despite the fact that David can no longer enter a sports book will not stop him from taking part in mobile or online gaming one would imagine. It will be interesting to see if he decides to go this route instead due to his current limitations.

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