Last week, rapper Meek Mill was not allowed to enter the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. The rapper got into an altercation with the security of the venue, posting a video about the incident on his Instagram page. Soon after, Mill called the casino ‘racist as hell’ and stated he would be taking legal action.

Mill was told by security that he could not come inside and the he would be arrested if he did not leave, facing trespassing charges. After the altercation, Mill posted the video of the incident to social media and then got on Twitter to tell people to stay away from the Cosmopolitan.

Mill stated that he would take legal action against the casino if he was not apologized to and allowed to visit the property. The venue has not apologized and the rapper has not taken any legal recourse against the operator.

According to media reports, the attorney for Mill’s, Joe Tacopina, sent a letter to The Cosmopolitan’s general counsel and chief compliance officer, Anthony Pearl. In the letter, Tacopina is claiming that the casino has a list of artists who are African American that they are not letting inside the venue based on skin color.

Earlier this week, the Cosmopolitan issued a statement regarding the incident. They claim that the rapper was denied entry into their venue due to security reasons. Casino officials said that the club of the hotel was already at capacity and police had already been called to manage the crowd size.

The Cosmopolitan called the situation one of personal safety and the safety of the guests of the property. They stated further that the company prides themselves on providing an inclusive environment. They have a zero tolerance policy for discrimination. The Cosmopolitan stated that under different circumstances, Meek Mill would have been welcomed into the resort with no issue.

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