Earlier this week, the Cosmopolitan casino in Nevada was robbed in the early morning hours, causing a huge police rush to the building to try and capture the assailant. When the robbery was first made public, little details were known about the situation. Now, we know that a man came in with a threatening note, telling the cashier to hand over casino chips totaling $10,000.

Police have now arrested 51-year-old Ronald Allison in connection with the robbery. Reports say that Allison enter the casino around 6:30 in the morning.  He went straight to the cashier cage and produced a large duffle bag. He passed a note to the employee working at the teller counter and said to give him $10,000 in chips or ‘go Boom’.

The cashier felt like there was a firearm in the bag and that he was in danger. The employee handed the man the money and then pushed the panic button in the cage. Police arrived soon after and video surveillance footage was used to find Allison.

The man was eventually arrested and is being charged with suspicion of robbery with a deadly weapon as well as burglary with a firearm. After searching him, police found money in the bag he was carrying. Once in custody, Allison confessed to the robbery.

It is still unclear as to what drove Allison to visit the Cosmopolitan and rob the cashier cage. He didn’t even really ask for much money in the grand scheme of things. It is expected that police will be able to provide more information on the why aspect of the case in the future.

While robberies are not commonplace in Las Vegas, they do happen. Cashier cages are often the spot where the robberies take place due to the money housed there. Panic buttons are in place so that cashiers can discretely alert police while still trying to keep the criminal calm.

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