Sports betting in Connecticut won’t start until October according to recent statements by government officials and it will be even longer before online poker gaming will begin. The Mohegan Tribe and the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe received approval from the Bureau of Indian Affairs to begin offering services, after submitting documentation over the summer. The state was hopeful to start sports betting by the beginning of the NFL season but that was not to be.

Slight Delay

As the rules and regulations were created in the state, officials were waiting for approval by the Department of Interior. The slight delay in the matter caused the launch to be pushed back. Governor Ned Lamont’s office reported that the licensing process will now continue, and gaming platforms will be certified for service.

A recent press release revealed details on when the sports betting industry will start. As for online poker, the press release doesn’t even mention the activity, so who knows when it will launch. A deal was cut by both tribes in the state to offer online gambling including poker gaming. It will be more difficult for the tribes to start offering poker as there might not be enough players to create a viable market.

More States Needed

Earlier in the year, Mashantucket Pequot Tribe chairman Rodney Butler spoke with PlayCT stating that the tribe would like to offer online poker, but it might not be feasible. The tribe feels it would need another state to partner with in order to have enough liquidity to offer games.

Connecticut is only home to 3.5 million people and not all would want to play poker games. According to Butler, interstate agreements are going to be a must if the small state is going to offer poker online and be able to have a competitive and lucrative market.

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