Gamblers in Sweden may soon find their options are limited if new proposals are approved. The Social Security Minister Ardalan Shekarabi revealed several proposals this week that will limit exposure to harm among players while the coronavirus pandemic takes place. The rules would be temporary, and limit certain aspects associated with gaming like bonuses and deposits.

The rules are up for public debate until May 7th. The Minister hopes that the measures will be adopted and be enforced by June 1st, expiring by the end of the year. The proposals suggest several changes including limiting weekly deposits to $500. There would also be a corresponding loss limit for gaming via vending machines.

Players would have to set mandatory time limits for gambling online and via vending machines. For bonus offers, they would be limited at SEK100. Just a short time ago, Shekarabi stated that a crackdown on gambling was in the works due to the coronavirus due to license holders reporting a strong progression in online casino activity.

According to the minister, the increase in gambling is coming at a time when citizens are facing hardships like unemployment and sick leave along with financial uncertainty. The government must act quickly to protect their consumers.

The gambling regulator of Sweden, Spelinspektionen, must submit monthly reports to the government that shows developments in the market. They must also take steps to increase awareness within the public to the self-exclusion registry and provide other measures that will help to strengthen consumer protections for those who set limits for gambling.

The regulator has also been told it must strengthen the supervision of gambling operators who are unauthorized to offer services. This includes those who serve customers in Sweden without permission from the regulator. More tools will be provided to the regulator to prevent the international provider from accessing the market.

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