With the possibility of sports betting opening up across the nation, Indian tribes in the United States are beginning to show interest in the gambling activity. The United States Supreme Court is set to make a decision in the Christie vs. NCAA case, which could possibly see the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 reversed. If this happens, sports betting could be provided by states in the US where legislation is in place. During a recent convention, tribal groups decided to show their interest in becoming involving if the new industry becomes a reality.

During the 2018 National Indian Gaming Association Tradeshow and Convention, tribes showed that they were interested in offering sports betting and are concerned that they will be left out if the PASPA is overturned. During the conference, a resolution was passed by the National Indiana Gaming Association asking for Congress to absolve the Act and create legislation where tribes would be eligible to offer sports betting options.

The tribes feel that they are at a disadvantage when it comes to sports betting as commercial casinos would have the authority to offer such gambling options and they would not. The Association consists of 184 tribes that have been recognized by the federal government and given certain protections, like being able to offer casino gaming on tribal lands, tax-free.

The goal of the tribes is to see Congress recognize and protect Indian gaming operations and satisfy the Principles of Sovereignty within the National Indian Gaming Association. The tribes want to see their rights protected based on the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act as well as compacts with individual states.

All eyes are on SCOTUS as a decision is to be made regarding sports betting soon. We could see the gambling landscape change in a major way in the court rules in favor of New Jersey and PASPA is deemed unconstitutional.

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