Across the United States that are different legalizationEntering_Arizona_on_I-10_Westboundions for online gaming. In most states, the activity is not allowed but this does not stop individuals from offering some type of gaming be in online via Internet cafes or in the back rooms of store fronts. In most cases, these types of establishments get caught and the operator goes to jail, paying hefty fines for their actions. A business owner in the state of Arizona is the latest casualty to charges stemming from online gambling, operating games at six different locations in the Phoenix area.

A barbershop located in a shopping center may seem unassuming but the shop was home to an online gambling operation rather than an actual hair cutting establishment. Patrons were asked if the shop was conducting hair services and no one who knew of the store ever say a haircut take place. The Barbershop Internet Café was set up with computers instead of barber chairs and customers could enter the establishment and play games.

The barbershop is one of six locations that were closed after a lengthy investigation by officials. Each of the locations were connected to Eric Stelljes who was indicted on charges stemming from the online gaming establishments.

In total, 60 law enforcement officers from several different stations worked on the case to raid and serve warrants to the different properties. 21 weapons, 3 vehicles, six ATV machines and dozens of gambling devices were taken in after the raid.

According to officials in the case, players were able to pay money to compete for a prize which was based on chance. According to the laws of Arizona, this is considered gambling, an illegal activity within the state. Stelljes is no stranger to gambling troubles and having been charged before, now faces additional charges that could lead to major felony charges.

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