Earlier this week, the Swiss Lottery and Betting Board published a blacklist containing the names of companies that are now banned from providing online gambling services in Switzerland. The domains of 1xBet, Bet365 and Unibet have now been blocked by local internet provides as they are not allowed to offer services to residents.


The blacklist publication comes at a time when the gambling market of Switzerland is being reorganized. On January 1st, the process began as the country saw a new gambling law come into effect. Based on the new law, the only operators allowed to offer online gambling is the nation’s land-based casinos. The first legalized online casino was launched back in July.

The new law allows regulators to order internet providers to block domains of operators who have been named as unauthorized providers of online gambling.

When the law was first brought up for consideration, it was subject to backlash. Eventually, a vote took place to see what the citizens thought. Around 73% of voters approved the gambling changes including the blocking of operators who are unauthorized. The goal of the change is to provide protection to residents by not allowing companies without licensing to operate.

Amazingly, the blacklist released by the gaming regulator includes 60 domains. The list is sure to grow as more names are added. Right now, these operators have their domains blocked and are unable to provide services in the region.

Among those on the list includes bet365 and 1xBet. For 1xBet, the blacklisting comes at a time when the brand has faced issues in the United Kingdom as well. The brand recently had their services suspended in the UK due to allegations that they are involved in illegal advertising activity.

For now, the list stays at 60 and we shall see in the coming weeks if even more operators are added and what becomes of the online gambling industry in Switzerland.

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