The state of Georgia continues to fail when it comes to legalizing casino gambling and horse racing options. Supporters of the idea have proposed legislation on several occasions, only to see such measures fall flat. The current session is about to end and casino legislation that was introduced now will die away with no action taking place.

While such gambling options has support in the state, it seems legislators are more focused on transportation than anything else right now. Bills covering transportation for the metro area of Atlanta are currently on the table and the main focus of lawmakers. Also to be considered, is legislation that will cut back on mobile phone use in vehicles to create safer roadways.

One strong proponent of gambling for the state of Senator Brandon Beach. Senator Beach has tried a few times to see gambling come to his state, but to no avail. While the Senator has experienced setbacks, he does not seem to be showing any signs of slowing down. Beach is trying to get other lawmakers on board to see the potential that gaming will have, especially if Atlanta is considered the home base.

Atlanta is already a major tourist attraction in the state. By adding in gambling, there will be even more reason for tourists to visit the area. Plans to be introduced in the future would see a casino destination resort added in the Atlanta area, in the hopes of bringing in more visitors to the region as well as provide revenues that can be used for the HOPE Scholarship program of the state.

For now, gambling will not be offered anytime soon in Georgia. Hopefully, lawmakers who support the idea will be able to come up with new plans and legislation so that the state can reap the benefits that only gaming can provide.

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Sadonna Price
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