When it comes to sports betting, it is essential that the integrity of the game is considered. Players as well as coaches and anyone associated with a professional sports team are to mind their p’s and q’s, avoiding taking part in any bets that are connected to the team’s games. Everyone knows this is a big no-no, but that does not stop such wagering from happening. Recently NHL star Evander Kane was accused of wagering on his own games, by none other than his wife.

Accusations Made

Last weekend, Mark Scheig, a journalist that covers hockey, tweeted images from Anna Kane’s Instagram account that allege her husband has been gambling on his games. In the post’s, Anna tagged the NHL and Evander’s team, the San Jose Sharks.

In one image, a book is seen that is titled, Casino Gambling for Dummies. Anna says in the photo that if your teammates give you this book, they are trying to tell you that you are not the best at the tables. In another post, it mentions how Gary Bettman can let players gamble on their own games.

It seems Anna is fed up with the gambling losses and is calling Evander out in public. Other tweets say that she had to sell her wedding ring due to debt and that they lose their home due to the amount of money owed.

Evander denies the allegations and says he will cooperate in an investigation involving the comments. He is part of the Sharks after signing a seven-year deal in 2018-19 for $49 million.

Not the First Time

Unfortunately for Evander, it does appear as though he has had gambling issues in the past. In late 2019, he was sued by the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, Nevada for more than $500,000 due to unpaid markers. He apparently played on credit and then didn’t pay the debt owed.

In 2021, Evander had to file for bankruptcy. In the filing, it lists $1.5 million in gambling debt.

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