Sometimes, if you say the wrong thing at the wrong time, it can get you in trouble. Take poker player Scott Robbins for instance. He was visiting the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey last year, having traveled from Massachusetts and reserved an overnight stay. When checking in, he was asked if he would like a room on the lower or upper levels. Robbins jokingly said if he had to jump from a high floor window of the hotel, would he make it. The joke did not go over well and eventually, Robbins was banned from the property. He is now suing the company.

What Happened?

When making the job, the hotel employee pleaded with Robbins to not jump from his room. The poker pro says he assured the individual that he was just joking but then asked if he could survive from a lower floor.

He was given a spot on the 30th floor and in just a short time after arriving in the room, armed security showed up and told him that he needed to complete a psychiatric evaluation if he wanted to stay. An ambulance took him to a hospital where the staff said that Robbins was no a danger to anyone else or himself.

The hospital visit cost Robbins $2,000 out of pocket and when he returned to the casino, he found out that his items were removed. The casino then told the poker player that he was banned for life from the property.

Filing a Lawsuit

After the incident, Robbins decided to file a lawsuit against the Borgata. He is asking for $1.25 million in compensation. He says that within the next ten years, he would lose $85,000 a year in poker earnings. He also claims that $200,000 in sponsorship money will be lost. An additional $200,000 is being sought for libel, false imprisonment, and interference with his prospects to earn money.

In the lawsuit, Robbins points out that the glass of the Borgata windows are an inch thick and do not open.

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